Talking to Your Parents about ADHD

Whenever you engage the people who raised you in a substantive discussion about behavior, you face the terrible risk that the conversation will degenerate into a game of “whose fault was it?  This conversation almost always benefits from the presence of an advocate for you, rather than being your own spokesman.

 When I graduated with my first psychology degree, I recall the Chairman of the Psychology Department warning us to never use what we had learned on our own families!

 “Besides the fact that it won’t ever work, you will never see a dime for your efforts,” he cautioned.

  I don’t believe the Chairman was really referring to money.  Most parents are pretty defensive about how they did, and are unreceptive in the extreme to “Monday morning quarterbacking.”

 Even if it is only a sibling or a spouse serving as your advocate, get help for this one.  It is basically impossible to get the same people who changed your diapers to believe that you are now going to teach them, without blaming them for screwing up the job.

 Funny thing is…They are probably right! You were going to blame them, weren’t you!!

 So, best to let someone else do the talking.

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