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How, where, and when? Dr. Tenenbaum can see you in person, talk to you on the phone, conference via Skype, or even work by e-mail if you prefer. His rates are by blocks of time. The first fifteen minutes are free by phone. It's $40 for a half hour session or $65 for an hour.  He’s based in Emeryville, and can meet you in a comfortable setting indoors or outdoors as you prefer. 
 Dr. Tenenbaum works by appointment, and schedules Mon - Fri from 8am-6pm, Pacific Time. Evening and weekend time available at a special rate . Dr. Tenenbaum has a Ph.D. in psychology from Washington University, and works as a life coach.  He can be reached at (510) 214-6978 or by email at
 With twenty years of past experience as a helping professional, Dr. Tenenbaum can help you to determine when a referral to a medical professional might be helpful, and can help to find an appropriate one in your local area, if you like. 

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The Life Pilot

Help is just a phone call away  -  (510) 214- 6978